Keanu Reeves contemplates a motorcycle website for Squarespace Super Bowl Campaign

Keanu Reeves is known for his economy of words and steely looks in movies, and there are plenty of those in a new campaign for Squarespace featuring the actor. In it, he contemplates the nuances of making a new website for his company, Arch Motorcycle.

Squarespace is returning to the Super Bowl for a fifth consecutive time with a campaign that features the John Wick actor. The campaign, which extends beyond the 30-second in-game commercial, will feature Reeves in a series of three different ads. Squarespace teamed up with Reeves in part because he had been an active Squarespace customer for some time.

“When I found out that this Squarespace campaign would be for the Super Bowl, I got butterflies in my stomach. I love football, I love watching the Super Bowl, and I love the entertainment of the advertisements that are a part of the game and the experience,” said Reeves.

In one spot, Reeves rides one of his cycles down a dusty western highway, asking himself if he should make a Squarespace website for his Arch Motorcycle company. In another, he sits in front of a campfire and says that most people think making a website is difficult, “but they’re wrong.” A longer form video is cinematic metaphysics, with Reeves doing a sage-like tutorial on how to make a Squarespace website.