Sad Keanu is Not Really Sad in Squarespace's Super Bowl Teaser

Brand Continues Big Game Run With Another Celebrity

Recently, Squarespace announced that Keanu Reeves would be the latest celebrity to join its Super Bowl lineup, joining the ranks of stars like John MalkovichKey and Peele and Jeff Bridges. Today, it hinted in some new teasers that it's sad Keanu who would be making an appearance--well, kind of.

One of the new films depicts Reeves riding his motorbike on a soul-searching road trip, wondering if he should even be making motorcycles--one of his big passions over the last three years at his company Arch Motorcycle. He also debates whether he should be making a website for his bikes.

Another video, above, sees Reeves crying before a campfire. But here, we don't have to wonder about what's gotten him so emotional. Those are tears of joy, because behold! It was so damn easy for him to build his website on Squarespace.

After this, we wonder what more of the story the big game spot will have to offer.