Keanu Reeves Defies Death in New Super Bowl Commercial for Squarespace

Keanu Reeves in a Super Bowl commercial for Squarespace.

Keanu Reeves in a Super Bowl commercial for Squarespace.

With the Super Bowl on the horizon, we can expect all sorts of wacky commercials that might not have anything to do with the product being sold, but that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy them. Website-building service Squarespace's latest Super Bowl effort features Keanu Reeves performing a death-defying maneuver on a motorcycle.

The 40-second clip opens up with Reeves traveling on a sun-filled two-lane highway. atop a motorcycle. The John Wick actor isn't just riding the bike in typical fashion, though, he's standing on the seat as the bike speeds down the road; pretty badass stuff. As he stands, Reeves also is reciting lyrics to Will Powers’ 1983 song “Adventures in Success.” 

As the commercial goes on, Reeves finally stops his dangerous stunt, as he sits down on the bike and rides into the sunset. The end of the clip directs you to a link to a second video in which you can "Make it Happen" with Reeves. 

In visual No. 2, Reeves is sitting alone in front of a campfire and continues this theme of playing with death. The 53-year-old sticks his hand in the fire to adjust a log, unfazed as his hand briefly catches fire. He goes on to seemingly build a site, and says, "You are worthy of your dreams. Put them on the internet.” 

Check out the clips below: