Squarespace New Brand Identity

Squarespace has unveiled its brand new design, which includes a new logo, typeface, entirely redesigned front site, and brand new Instagram feed. For this refresh, Squarespace took a non-traditional approach, and used an isometric frame system as the basis of our redesign, developing a visual translation of our name (think “square” and “space”).

Squarespace is one of very few technology companies that can truly call NYC home. The city has inspired the company’s attitude, aesthetic, and mission to democratize good design for every ambitious entrepreneur, artist, or visionary with a dream. The company wanted to find a way to make New York a bigger part of the story.

The redesigned homepage is more kinetic and highlights product offerings in a dynamic way, giving users a quick overview of the Squarespace platform the second they arrive on the landing page. Squarespace’s in-house creative team collaborated with DIA and Francois Rappo from Optimo Foundry to update its logo and create Clarkson, a new custom typeface named after Squarespace’s HQ address to honor its New York City heritage.

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