GIPHY’s “Micro-Film” Contest Awards You $10,000 For The Best GIF

A new film festival is entering the ring, and it's made for those with the shortest attention spans. If you're known for your skills with 18-second video footage or less, here's how to finally make bank on your talents. GIPHY’s “Micro-Film” contest awards you $10,000 plus a slew of other prizes for your award-winning loopable movie, and it's your chance to officially crown yourself as a GIF master. Here's what they're looking for.

According to the GIPHY film contest's website, applicants are expected to entertain their audience and provide some kind of a story in a clip of 18 seconds or less — a feat that requires editing skills and a good eye for a viral moment.

Here’s what’s up for grabs. As the festival is sponsored by Squarespace, the winner will take home a five-year subscription to the service as well as $10,000 and the option to curate an official Spotify playlist, per the website.

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